Host a Party

Would you like free books and half off books? Let’s have a party!

Facebook Party

Pick a date, and I’ll create the party! A simple invite, and you’re in!

You invite your friends and family to join in the fun!

The night of the party, we have fun learning about the books, new specials, and playing lots of fun games! One guest will win a grand prize! And you win free books! Easy and so much fun!

Instagram Party

Similar to a Facebook party, an Instagram party is held on a date you pick. Instead of inviting friends and family to join an event, you will ask them to follow a special private party account.

Themed Parties

Want to have more fun? Try a themed party!

Personalized Shopping Link

With any party, I create a personal shopping link for you and your guests to browse and shop from.

I can also create this link for you to share with friends and family if you don’t have time for a 40 min party. Simply share the link, and enjoy the same benefits and rewards as hosting a party!

How to earn free books

Hostess rewards depend on the sales of the party. Don’t worry, rewards begin at just $100 in sales! Occasionally, there will be hostess specials, which I’ll have listed below. For example, “Host a party in June with $250 in sales, and receive Double Hostess Rewards!”

I will keep you up to date on your rewards status. At the end of the party, I will let you know your total rewards earned. At this time, you will browse my e-commerce website, and make a wish list. I will take that list, and enter your order into my back office for you! Books will ship directly to you!

When would you like to host your party?

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